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My sister is a fan of the nightlife, definitely. She enjoys going out a lot, especially with the friends. She goes out to eat, goes clubbing, goes out in general. On top of all of that, she is still able to get all of her research and school work done. Isn’t that amazing? Well, she was able to do it while attending Yale University as an undergraduate and now she is a graduate student at the University of California San Diego and she is doing well there too.

I wonder where she ends going at night. Does she go for something like the Carlsbad nightlife or for something else? Since she does live near the beach, perhaps she goes there a lot? I do not really know for sure, but all I know is that she can do pretty much anything that she wants if she manages her time well enough, which believe me, she can do easily.

2 thoughts on “Clubbing

  1. Some people can study 24/7 and still barely make it and others can party and pull straight A’s. I am envious of that second type o person, like your sister, as I am of the first group.

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